Twist Pilates and Fitness - Customer Testimonials

I bring an older body that was once very active, is now too sedentary, and for the most part seems to want to stay sedentary.  Elizabeth's classes are the one thing I've been able to stick to, and see some results from.  I feel better, have more energy.  Elizabeth is terrific at working with whatever problem or body type you bring.  Lots of accommodations are given, and she really knows her stuff.  It is safe in her class to push yourself, but never to the point of hurting.  S. H.


Like most athletes, I was reluctant to change my routine, and add a new element.  Mostly have done free weights, some yoga(too boring IMO) in past.  After talking to friends about taking Pilates, I got myself signed up to take some reformer classes with Elizabeth.  I am hooked.  Elizabeth has been great to work with, very knowledgeable, and just awesome to learn from. - D.C.


Twist Pilates is a great workout and I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth it to anyone interested in increasing their flexibility, core strength and general toning. I always feel great after her classes! - Laura T.


I have been going to Twist Pilates in Wilmette for several years now and I really, really like it.  Elizabeth is fantastic.  She always provides exercise modifications so that you can work out at your own fitness level.  She provides a very challenging experience week after week.  Even after years of Pilates, I still feel like I get a great workout.  Oh, and my daughter, who is 10, also comes to class with me occasionally and enjoys it, too. - Karen L.


Pilates with Elizabeth has been a key part of a new nutrition and health plan for me.  I have lost 15 pounds and fell much stronger and more flexible.  She keeps it interesting.


I've been going to Pilates mat classes here for over a year and I cannot say enough about it! They recently moved to this new location and the studio is wonderful! Lots of windows makes me feel like I'm exercising outside. Elizabeth Hodges is a friendly, warm and knowledgeable instructor that always makes me feel welcome and challenged. Morning classes are perfectly timed so I can drop off my children at school and go straight to class. - Michelle B.


I have been a runner for years and feel pilates is a nice compliment to running.  It strengthens the core and pelvis area which is necessary to run injury free.  Elizabeth is patient and takes the time to learn what you want to get out of her class and focuses her classes on those needs and other areas she feels are imporant for you personally. - Kimberly