About Elizabeth Hodges


Pilates Instructor in Evanston and Wilmette, IL

Since 2007, Elizabeth has been studying, practicing and teaching Pilates.  She's dedicated to helping others not only feel better and stronger on the outside, but stronger and healthier on the inside.

As a certified trainer, through Balanced Body University she teaches at Twist Pilates and Pilates Central in Wilmette, IL, and works with clients throughout the North Shore. She also earned her certification as a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist through The Pink Ribbon Program, Inc. In partnership with Pilates Central, we provide a unique experience integrating the mind body conditioning concepts of Joseph Pilates with modern theories in physcal therapy, namely PRI (Postural Restoration Institute).

If you live or work on the North Shore of Chicago, I encourage you to contact us through Pilates Central in Wilmette, IL.  Pilates Central is located at 1222 Washington Ct., 2nd floor in Wilmette, IL.

 Join us anytime!