Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain?

Pilates Central Wilmette hosts The Pink Ribbon Program

Pilates Central Wilmette hosts The Pink Ribbon Program

Time to Take the Balance Test

Boost Your Balance; Avoid Falls

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2014 Pilates Central and Twist Pilates Updates

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Hula Hooping Workouts


Hula Hoop Workouts Burn Calories

Study: Exercise With a Weighted Hoop About as Intense as Boot Camp, Step Aerobics

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Pilates training for Olympic Volleyball players


Mental, Physical Training for Olympic Volleyball



Support That Lazy Spine- New York Times


To build a better back, most experts agree, you need a solid core. “The core” is one of those areas of the body that coaches and athletes refer to constantly but few people can accurately locate. “It’s not just the abdominal area, as many people think,” says Vijay Vad, a sports medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and a back-care adviser to the PGA Tour and the professional men’s tennis circuit.

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